Poison Prevention Tips Just For You Keep all potentially harmful products safely out of reach and out of sight of children. If you are called away from a task, do not leave cleaners and other products unattended. Do not put cleaners or other products in pop bottles, milk cartons or other food and beverage     containers. All products should be kept in their original containers with the labels intact. Never call medicine candy. Teach children to ask an adult before eating or drinking anything. Keep all medicines in their original packages and close the safety caps tightly after each use. Children can learn by imitation. Take your medicines where children can’t watch you. Remember that children can and often do remove child-resistant caps. Know the names of all the plants in your home and keep them safely out of reach of children & pets. Install at least one carbon monoxide detector close to the sleeping areas in your home. • Call the Poison Center immediately if you think that someone might    have been poisoned. 1-800-222-1222