Poison Proof Your Home Everybody should make sure their home is poison-proof.  To make this important task easier, click HERE to see a thorough list of areas that need your attention. Many substances resemble other substances, and can easily be mistaken for each other. Often one of these look-alike substances is edible while the other is poisonous. If you have small children, take extreme care that you don’t make these dangerous look-alikes readily available to their curious hands. Roll over the items listed to see how similar they look. Comet Cleanser/Kraft Grated Cheese Glue in a tube/Decorating Icing Epsom Salt/Sugar Pills/Candy Bleach/Bottled Water Antifreeze/Kool-Aid Powdered Laundry Detergent/Dry Powdered Milk Shaving Cream/Whipped Cream Fabuloso Cleaner/Propel