Poison Prevention For Pets Pets are very sensitive...and curious...they can be poisoned too. You can use the same poison prevention tips for humans along with a few more designed just for your pet. Never give your pet any medication unless instructed by the vet. Human medications are    not for pets. Never give your dog chocolate. Again “Death by chocolate” is only a good thing for    humans. Beware of house plants. Pets love to eat plants. Make sure you do your research before    you buy any plants. Keep all medicines out of reach of pets. Most pets can play with a child-proof bottle until    it opens. Read and follow all safety instructions when treating your pets for ticks and fleas. Thoroughly clean all chemical/oil spills in the garage and yard. A small amount of     chemical can cause harm to your pets. Be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood. Your neighbor doesn’t usually think    of your pets when doing home maintenance. Look out for these common things:    Slug baits, gardens treated with pesticides, wild mushrooms and outdoor plants,    rat/mouse poisons, snakes and frogs (some frogs are poisonous).