The Danger of Batteries Every year people of all ages swallow miniature batteries.  Miniature (button) batteries are small round disc batteries that are used in watches, hearing aids, toys, portable video games, remote controls and other devices in homes. If ingested, these batteries can cause extensive damage to the body tissues. Most button batteries pass through the body into the stool but sometimes they get caught in the esophagus.  If they are not removed from the body within two hours the alkaline chemical in the battery can cause tissue damage. Here’s what you should do if someone swallows a button battery: Immediately call the poison center 1-800-222-1222 If available, provide the battery identification number.  You can find this on a matching battery or on the original packaging for the battery. An x-ray will tell if the battery has passed through the esophagus. If the battery is stuck it must be removed immediately. DON’T induce vomiting.                                                       DON’T eat or drink anything. Monitor the stool until the battery has passed through the body. Watch for fever, abdominal pain and bloody stool.  Report any incidence immediately. Button batteries can also cause damage if placed in the ears and nose.  Do not attempt to use nose or ear drops until the person is examined by a doctor. Never leave batteries laying around the home Store batteries out of sight and reach of children. Discard used batteries where children cannot find them. Check all household devices and make sure the battery compartment is secured shut.  Use additional tape if the battery compartment will open with a little force or if the device is dropped. Purchase products with battery compartments that require a screwdriver to open. Never insert or change batteries in front of small children. DON’T allow children to play with batteries.  Batteries can explode and cause serious damage to the eyes and skin. These batteries are in many common devices. Click HERE to view a list of these devices.